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We say "chestnut orchards" because our cooperative is made up of several local chestnut growers, including Empire Chestnut. Our cooperative is now three years old and our members have had a bountiful 2014 harvest.

Autumn brings the chestnut harvest and we have a large crop of medium, large and extra large fresh chestnuts each year which are available for shipment in early October through early winter. But don't wait until early winter. It is not uncommon for us to sell all our fresh chestnuts by mid to late November.

When the harvest season has passed, we prepare dried, peeled chestnut kernels so that our customers can enjoy chestnuts year round. These easily reconstitute with water and can be used in many recipes that require chestnuts. We also grind chestnut flour for use in breads, pancakes and other recipes.

Be sure to visit our chestnut storage and preparation page so that you get maximum enjoyment from the chestnuts you order. On our recipe page you will find suggestions on how you can incorporate your chestnuts into existing recipes that you might have. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Web site.

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